Some French vignerons have flown under the radar in recent times, choosing to focus on the integrity of their products, rather than chasing the limelight. Many of the estates Mosaique Wines features have been in the same family for generations. Each acts as a loving custodian of their lands, passing on the knowledge of these ancient varietals to the winemakers who follow. 


It is this care and understanding of their terroir that has allowed us to enjoy full expressions of native regional varietals, produced with methods that have been tried and tested over centuries.


These producers respect the land they farm above all else, using organic and biodynamic techniques to nourish their vines and the ecosystem around them. We have endeavored to tell their stories, in the hope you can envisage yourself sharing a glass with these characters. 


Click on the winegrower photos to discover their wines. For all the wine buffs out there, we've added technical informations that we hope will help you get to know our products, should you like to dig a little deeper!


Finally, if you wish to have a look at the French vineyard maps we have designed, please click on this link.







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