The South-West corner of France is one of the country's most diverse regions. From the Massif Central, through to the Pyrenees, this area covers 120,000 acres of vines- bursting with native grape varietals and flanked by the local produce it pairs so well with.


Food lovers will be familiar with the rich cuisine of the area, as the regional specialities take prime position on the plat de jour. The hero here is without doubt the aromatic black truffles. These hidden treasures are worth their weight in gold, proving fickle to grow (and find), with a short season and limited supply. Add to this the rich foie gras, confit duck and the hundreads of local cheeses, and you'll find a feast for kings (plural, the serving sizes are hearty here!)


This part of France is also know for emboding the 'French Paradox'- so called for research that found a diet rich in duck fat and high tannic wines (like those of the region) can lead to some of the highest life expectancy in the world. We are assured the locals did not fund this research in any way...


We've put together a little map, below, which we hope will give you a clearer picture of South-West France- geograpichally, and also from a more important food and wine perspective. 



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