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A mosaic of wines with a sense of place.

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Farming sustainably, respecting nature.

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Chai Saint Etienne, our roots in France.

Mosaique Wines imports and distributes artisanal wines from France. We travel extensively throughout the country each year to bring you a collection of wines that reflect the heart and soul of this land- a mosaic of small and beautiful parts that make a bigger picture.
Each wine has been hand-selected for the unique qualities it expresses, lovingly made by local producers who dedicated their lives to their craft. These producers respect the land they farm above all else, using sustainable, organic or biodynamic techniques to nourish their vines and the ecosystem around them. We have endeavoured to tell their stories in the hope you can envisage yourself sharing a glass with these characters, and enjoying the fruits of their labour.
As a direct importer we aim to deliver fair pricing and to help you discover some of France's rising vignerons. We are very lucky to have a strong connection with our roots in the South-West of France with Thomas' family vineyard, Domaine Chai Saint Etienne.
Our wines are made to be opened, shared and enjoyed in good company.


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direct from the vineyard to your glass

Getting our wines to you in the best possible condition is paramount.


It all starts with sustainably, organically or biodynamically farmed grapes coming from unique terroirs. Our wines must express and respect their sense of place.


Like Thomas' family vineyard, our producers are family owned, small businesses run by real artisans. They work with local grapes, low intervention winemaking and minimal sulfites. The selection process is rigorous, and each vintage is tasted prior to import.


Once selected, our wines are shipped by sea, temperature controlled to avoid any alteration of the wine. This type of transport is chosen to ensure quality is maintained from the vineyard to you. Once they arrive, our warehouse keeps the wine in optimal storage conditions - nothing less than the best!

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