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clos de gamot

Cahors, South-West France
Organic non-certified

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Malbec, the grape that built Cahors, vinified by the most iconic winemaking family of the region- it’s the stuff of South-West dreams. The wines of Clos de Gamot are the humble benchmark of Malbec from this area, with the Jouffreau family passing winemaking traditions from father to son since 1610. There have been more than a few bumps along the way, yet the Jouffreau's had remained true to their vines, never abandoning their traditional grapes for trends and continuing to bottle wines when others in the region had defaulted.

The philosophy of the Jouffreau family is simple: be good farmers. give things time, observe nature, be respectful. This approach has seen vines ageing back to 1885 still producing intense, great fruit. The vineyard is located on the second and third of the Lot river's terraces, composed of pebbles, gravel, and quartz mixed with alluvium of the Lot. With no use of herbicide, the workload on the vineyard is enormous.

From a winemaking perspective, grapes are sorted when they join the cellar. Each plot is vinified separately, with gentle pumping over to keep a harmonious structure. Wine is aged for 18 to 24 months in old oak pungent with some 40 years old foudre (70hl and 100hl).

Jean Jouffreau’s daughters and his son-in-law Yves Hermann have continued to lovingly care for the family vines, with Yves' son now joining the legacy. The tradition continues, with the focus on bottle maturation remaining. “A wine, like a person,” says Yves, “should have a personal story to tell over time.” With the range of vintages the estate offers, it is possible for consumers to affordably capture history in a glass. We’ll drink to that!

Clos de Gamot is vibrant. Violet notes lead, with pure and fresh dark fruits, and approachable crunchy tannins. Skillful use of oak rounds out the package, with a long, persistent finish.

Produced only for outstanding vintage, the Cuvee des Vignes Centenaires is made from +100 years old vines.  After careful decanting, notes of plum abound, with generous concentrated ripe black fruits and subtle leather aromas. A wine to induce goosebumps on first sip.

Old vintages from Gamot are bucket list wines. Older vintages such as 1978, 1988, 1990 are outstanding. The ability of Clos de Gamot wines to age and transform over time is exceptional. We are proud to import this 'sleeping beauty' and share with you.

Red grape: Malbec

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