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Domaine Turenne

Côtes de Provence
Organic certified

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REVUE DES VINS DE FRANCE: Domaine Turenne ‘Camille’ rosé “60 best rosés of France” RVF (N° 601)

When you’ve watched and celebrated your own family produce a much-loved Rosé, one that was the first wine you imported, it’s hard to consider opening the door to another. And yet, after a long seven year search, we’re delighted to welcome another winemaking family with the same exacting standards - Domaine Turenne. 


A gem in the heart of Provence, Domaine Turenne is located northeast of Bandol in the heart of the Triangle d’Or in the Côtes de Provence, between Cuers and Pierrefeu (Var). This family-owned estate has been a fixture in the region for over a century, named in homage to the familial connection to the Chocolaterie de Sedan which produces Turenne Chocolate. In 1990, Philippe and Cécile Benezet took the reins, realising their dream of crafting their own wines, rather than sending the estate fruit to the co-op. Their dedication paid off in 1994 when the estate's cellars were established, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey. 


The now 20 hectares of vineyards at Domaine de Turenne are planted to classic regional varieties including Cinsault, Syrah, Grenache, Carignan, Mourvèdre, Rolle, and Petite Clairette, with an average age of 40 years, with some vines dating back over a century. They are a testament to the marriage of tradition and innovation, and proudly bear organic certification (Ecocert), with a growing commitment to biodynamic practices. 


The secret to Turenne's exceptional wines lies in the unique terroir of the vineyards. The alluvial cone's stony clay-limestone soils, and well-drained sandy subsoil with small stones known as "Gavroches" bring a distinct minerality and impeccable drainage to the vines. The result is wines that carry the unmistakable signature of their origin. 


Cécile and Philippe Benezet approach their work with thoughtful care in the vineyard and cellar, aiming to produce wines that are sincere, respectful of their terroir, and as natural as possible. For them, winemaking is an alchemy of choices, craftsmanship, and principles, creating healthy and balanced wines that capture the essence of their land.


When vintage rolls around, winemaking is a harmonious blend of traditional practices and modern techniques. Grapes are hand-harvested in the morning to preserve their freshness and to exercise better control over the initial stages of vinification. Fermentations are carried out with indigenous yeasts, with techniques adapted to the requirements of each vintage. This approach results in well-balanced wines, free from excessive acidity or sugar levels.


Domaine de Turenne is more than a winery; it's a philosophy that seeks to balance tradition and innovation while respecting the essence of Provence - honouring Rosé with a more vinous style, and celebrating the often forgotten white and red wines of the region alongside it. 


The wines are an invitation to share in the dedication and passion of the Benezet family, and every bottle reflects the hours spent in the vineyard and cellar. They are wines that are honest and elegant, without pretension or artifice. They are wines for sharing, wines for celebrating and to be celebrated.