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Domaine Olivier Morin

Chitry, Burgundy
Organic non-certified

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The Domaine Morin has belonged to the Morin family since 1650, and even though the family was deeply rooted in winemaking, after studying wine in Beaune, Olivier pursued his own path far from the vines. He worked ten years as a radio announcer during the day and DJ at night. In 1992 Olivier was finally attracted back to the land of his ancestors, taking over the vineyard joining his brother Christian.

Chitry is located 12 km south-west of the village of Chablis, in the North of Burgundy. Both Chitry and Chablis share similar Kimmeridgian limestone soils, as well as the grape variety with Chardonnay, so it's not a surprise that they make wine with a similar style!

Domaine Morin is well and truly still a family run operation, with Olivier's wife Nelly joining the brothers in the pursuit of pure, character driven wine. The vineyard has now grown to 12 hectares, planted primarily with Chardonnay (50%), as well a Pinot Noir (25%) and Aligoté (25%). Most of these vineyards grow on picturesque rolling slopes, with old vines roots digging deep to express the minerality of Chitry's unique terroirs.

Regarding viticulture, Morin respects a natural approach using natural compost as fertiliser, and a chemical/ herbicide free zone, allowing grass to grow between the vines. Soils are worked regularly, so the roots plunge deeply in the Kimmeridgian limestone soils. Regular cropping, detailed trellising, and systematically removing of buds are a few other manual works done at the vineyard, along with hand harvested of the grapes comes vintage time

Additionally, all vinification is done with minimal sulphur added, using only natural yeasts and fermented in tank to preserve freshness and purity. Then the wines ages on lees in tank, and bottled with no filtration.

Morin Chardonnay is energetic, precise with bright fruit and truly express the mineral soils found there. His Pinots show purity of fruit, with savoury notes - above all showing great character and value. In short, Olivier Morin produces spectacular wines for the money.


White grape: Chardonnay, Aligoté

Red grape: Pinot Noir

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