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champagne vincent couche

Côte des Bar, Champagne
Biodynamic certified

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The South of Champagne has often been lost to the shining, bigger houses which dominate the north. But, if you game to venture just two hours south from Epernay, and only 1 hour from Chablis, you'll find the incredible wines of Côte des Bar. Here, fortune favours the brave, as the unique mineral style of its Champagne and the attitude of its winegrowers become equally enchanting. Once you go Bar, you never go back.

It is here in the lesser-known and authentic "south" you'll find Vincent Couche - grower, vigneron, artisan. His mother passed on her passion and know-how to Vincent, who is nothing short of a true perfectionist. In the vineyard or the cellar, he aims for nothing less than excellence.

Couche, quite simply put, is very intimate with his vineyard. He knows each vine, each plot of land, each slope, farming all 13 hectares biodynamically cross two terroirs: Buxeuil  and Montguex. Buxeuil covers 10 hectares, with mostly Pinot Noir around the village where his cave is located, with steep slopes overlooking the Seine river. Soils are composed of limestone-clay and marl-clay according to each parcel,  with high density to increase competition between the vines, resulting in berries with better maturity and flavour profile. His second terroir is in Montgueux Chardonnay kingdom, 48 min north-west near Troyes, with 3 hectares of Chardonnay on chalk dating back from the Cretaceous period. .

Vincent continuously studies the needs of his vines, supplying the energy they need using only biodynamic treatments. His preparations include medicinal plant treatments, cow-horn manure, pulverisation of crystallised silica and natural compost. His aim through biodynamic farming is to express the richness and complexity of his land to its full potential. Harvest is strictly by hand, sorted directly in the vineyard, with only ripe and healthy berries reaching the cellar to be pressed. Alcoholic fermentation uses only natural yeast, followed by vinification with little or no sulphites in partial or full barrel.

Elégance Extra-Brut NV
A perfect introduction, with deep notes of blackcurrant, along with yellow and white stone fruits. Lightly oxidative, unctuous, yet a fresh and driven finish.

Millesime 2004
Made from a classic Champagne year; it has a complex mix of both freshness and richness, ripe apples and toasted almonds. Precise and elegant with a long fresh mineral finish.

Chloé NV
Truly exceptional, this is a unique, no sulphite, solera perpetual reserve wines, with the base started in 2011 and renewed 25% per vintage. Vinified in oak barrels (50%), unfiltered and no with dosage. Chloé is alive and vibrant with intense candied fruits, buttery, brioche notes, full of texture with a citrus, salty finish.

White grape: Chardonnay

Red grape: Pinot Noir

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