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Organic certified

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Who says great French ciders must come from Normandy?! Not us!


Cidrerie du Leguer is based in Brittany, six hours drive directly west of Paris – so far west, the next step is the Atlantic Ocean. Here Cedric Le Bloas and his team craft artisanal ciders in very cool (ice cold) climate, farming a small 6 hectares of certified organic apple and pear trees. A Brittany native, Cedric completed his agriculture studies and travelled around the country and beyond, before stumbling upon what would become the Ciderie du Leguer.


After restoring the orchard, 2016 saw the first vintage. Since then it’s been a labour of love and hard work – as Cedric and the team take it up on themselves meticulously maintain the farm following organic principles, lovingly tending to trees aged from between two and thirty years old. The trees themselves house a wide range of indigenous varieties, including: Marie Ménard, Jeanne Renard (Bitter varieties) Fréquin Rouge, Belle fille de la Manche Kermerrien, Frijelach’, Peau de Chien (Bitter-sweet) Bedan, Dous Moën, Douce Coët Lignée (Sweet) and finally Judor, Locart Vert, Rouget de Dol, Petit Jaune (Sharp).


Each cuvee is made according to Cedric’s taste, however the same process is followed time and again. The trees are hand harvested three times between October and December, before further ripening in crates before pressing up to 4 weeks later. The ciders go through two ferments – the first lasting 5 months before bottling, followed by a 3 month fermentation in bottle. The ciders are bottled with no sulphur, just pure juice, naturally sparkling and spontaneous, no collage, only racking and filtering when required. All ciders are brut or extra brut.


As for the end result? These are exceptional ciders with a vinous quality, brimming with character, complex and acid driven with perfectly balanced fruit and tannins.


Cidre Granit

Considered as a brut cider, Cidre Granit is a ‘cuvee parcelaire’, or a ‘single orchard’. The top of the tree cuvee, so to speak. Round, generous, fruity, subtle tannins. Not bitter. Apple blending: 15% bitter, 50% bitter-sweet, 20% sweet, 15% sharp.



An extra-brut cider, this expression is fruity, slightly mineral, with good length and liveliness on the palate. Apple blending: 5% bitter, 50% bitter-sweet, 25% sweet, 20% sharp.



A brut cider, and another ‘Cuvée parcelaire’ or ‘single orchard’ expression. Smooth bitterness, no astringency, good length on the palate, complex and vinous. Apple blending: 20% bitter, 70% bitter-sweet, 10% sharp.



A brut perry packed with tension, flowery notes such as elderflower, fruity, fresh, round. Apple blending: Apple blending: 30% unknown variety of pears, 70% plan de blanc.

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