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Organic, Biodynamic, and Natural Wines - What the Difference?

Organic, biodynamic, and natural wines

Mosaique Wines are proud to work with organic and biodynamic producers who have a profound care for and interest in preserving their natural environment. There are many reasons we prefer these wines, although you might be wondering: what exactly are organic, biodynamic, and natural wines, and do they really taste better? Well, pour yourself a glass, and let's dive into the fascinating world of organic and biodynamic wine.

Organic and Biodynamic - A Closer Look

First things first, let's clear up the confusion between organic and biodynamic wines. While they share common principles, they're not quite the same.

Organic farming is a holistic approach that prioritises soil health, plant well-being, and environmental harmony. It's all about nurturing the land without the use of artificial fertilisers or synthetic chemicals.

Biodynamic agriculture takes organic farming as a starting point and adds specific requirements. It treats the earth as a living organism, even prescribing unique practices like burying cow horns filled with manure in the soil. It goes further, aligning planting and cultivation with lunar and astrological influences. Yes, it may seem unconventional, but it's also intriguing and as we like to say - the proof is in the pudding (or wine).

Embracing Tradition

Interestingly, there's nothing particularly new about these practices. Before the 1840s, synthetic fertilisers and chemicals didn't even exist. Back then, all farming was essentially organic. For centuries, farmers relied on lunar events and age-old wisdom to ensure fruitful harvests. Some of the world's most renowned wine brands, like Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, have remained organic or biodynamic because they refused to adopt chemicals.

The Taste Test

But do organic wines taste better? That's a matter of personal preference. Some seasoned tasters argue they can't tell the difference in a blind tasting, while others appreciate the clarity and purity of flavour in these wines. Enthusiasts claim they exude vitality and a unique sense of place. After all, happy dirt leads to happy vines, which eventually yields happy wine.

Make it Official

Here's the catch: the standards for organic and biodynamic practices are voluntary. This means that terms like 'spray-free,' 'natural,' 'organic practices,' and 'biodynamic practices' are often thrown around. These wines might be fantastic, but to be absolutely certain you're enjoying an organic or biodynamic wine, look for the magic word ‘Certified’ on the label. For biodynamic wines, this will most likely be the Demeter logo to signify certification.

Natural Wines: The Wild Side

Now, let's talk about natural wines – the rebels of the organic and biodynamic movements. These wines are made with minimal human intervention. Nothing is added during the process, and nothing is removed. It's like sipping a taste of history from a thousand years ago. In the hands of talented winemakers, and of course pristine fruit, these wines can be a thing of beauty. A word of caution, however, how you store and consume natural wines is integral to their enjoyment. It’s best to keep them chilled and reduce their exposure to oxygen (meaning it’s best to gather some friends and enjoy the bottle together, rather than stretch it out over a few days).

Orange Wines: A Unique Twist

Orange wines, a subcategory of natural wines, are essentially whites made like reds. The result is a wine that's amber to orange in colour, with pronounced flavours, structural tannins, and an unexpected bitterness not typical of whites. They're a thrilling departure from the ordinary and prove to be excellent, versatile food matching wines.

Sip, Explore, Repeat

So, as you explore the world of organic, biodynamic and natural wines, know that you're not just sipping; you're embracing a philosophy that respects the earth, cherishes tradition, and delivers wines of exceptional character. Cheers to a more sustainable, flavourful, and soulful wine journey!

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