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du prada

South-West France

Baron du prada 3.png

The region of Gascony is best experienced in the depths of winter, as the best produce here lends itself to blustery weather, long lunches and crackling open fires. There is the decadent foie gras and roasted duck of course, however the real jewel in the crown is without doubt your secret weapon to digestion, Armagnac. Moreover, due to the warm hospitality of the locals, a nip of Armagnac is no longer just an option- it becomes a necessity.

Chateau du Prada is situated in Labastide d’Armagnac, a tiny village in the heart of Bas Armagnac. It’s one of those buildings with an impressive past- built in 1764 by Victor Louis (who designed the Bordeaux Grand Theater) for Phillipe De Bouglon’s ancestors. Today, it is part of a protected historic monument, making and housing the mono-varietal Armagnac, which has become the De Bouglon signature for centuries.

Although there are many provisions in place to ensure all Armagnac is qualitative, there are a few one per centers that elevate Chateau du Prada above the rest. This includes minimum 10 years cask ageing, and the man himself, Phillipe, bottling directly from the cask to the bottle for each order. Customer service is alive and well in this part of France!

White grapes: Baco, Folle blanche, Colombard, Ugni blanc

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