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2012 Bourgoin Cognac Double Lies

Appellation: AOC Cognac premiers bois 


Grapes: Ugni blanc


About this spirits: The wine from which Double-Lies originates is distilled with twice the volume of lees compare to usual distillations. This cognac contains 200mg of esters per litre which means three times more than with a traditional distillation on the lees. This result is obtained thanks to the “Maillard” reaction between the lees and the coper of the pot which leads to a maximum esters extraction. This very unique technique gives Double-Lies this incomparable and exceptional aromatic intensity.  Aged 11 years in old 350L oak casks (Oak from the Limousin). Reduced with local spring water. Hand bottled by gravity, no filtration, no addition, no blending. 43 % ABV


When to drink: Drink in the year after opening.

2012 Bourgoin Cognac Double Lies

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