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2018 Bourgoin Raisin Eau de Vie 'Double Zero'

Appellation: Eau de Vie Double Zero (Cognac region)


Grapes: Ugni blanc


About this spirits: Bourgoin Raisin is a natural eau-de-vie made out of the ugni blanc grape variety. Created with gastronomy in mind. Its natural aromas of nectarine and peach are coming from the solubilization of the vine roots with the sub soil. The fruit (peach) is the center stage here, the hero, not the wood. Once the grapes pressed wholebunch, comes the vinification without sulphite. The precious liquid will then be distilled on the lees in our alembic pot still. The reduction is made with local spring water aiming to reach the optimal volume of alcohol defined by Dmitri Mendeleïve: 38 % ABV. Aged 2 years in stainless steel vats. Hand bottled by gravity, no filtration, no addition, no blending.


When to drink: Drink in the year after opening.

2018 Bourgoin Raisin Eau de Vie 'Double Zero'

GST Included

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