Appellation: AOC Bas-Armagnac (South-West France)


Grapes: Folle Blanche, Colombard.


Aromatics: Vibrant notes of apricot, mandarin and vanilla spices.


Palate: Smooth with lovely orange, vanilla and spices flavours. This is a deep and complex French brandy. 


About this spirits: Chateau du Prada is a tiny family owned and operated by one person, producing Bas-Armagnac from their own vineyard from generations. Every bottle is bottled by hand at order. This VSOP spends at least 7 years in a barrel instead of the standard 4 by law. 42% alcohol.


When to drink: Drink now and for the next 30-40 years.


Service: Neat in a small wine glass or a whisky glass.


Food match: Duck breast with honey, mushroom omelet. Fruit-based desserts such as Tarte Tatin. We could also recommend a creme caramel or chocolate.

VSOP Chateau du Prada, Bas-Armagnac